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Cupping and Consultation

In Touch With Health Chiropractic


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Experience one 30 minute Cupping Therapy session and consultation for only $21!
Did you know Cupping therapy can help:
✅Encourage blood flow
✅Relax stiff and sore muscles
✅Decrease stress and anxiety
✅Relieves pain
What is Cupping? Special warmed glass cups are placed on your skin to create suction. Our Acupuncturist then glides the cups over the sore parts of the body to help decrease sore muscles and relieve pain.
Hear why our patients are loving Cupping Therapy:
“During my first cupping session, I felt an immediate relief of my sore muscles, I LOVED it!”
“What makes In Touch With Health different from other places is that Kailina the Acupuncturist does Running Cupping therapy, it’s so amazing! Each session has helped me relax and I feel great afterwards! I can’t get enough of it!”
“Kailina is so wonderful! Her cupping therapy is so invigorating and has helped given me relief of neck and back pain.”
(Federal rules apply. Not valid for PI or L&I. $21 must be paid at time of service.)