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Jazz Improv – Online Theory Class

Music Center of the Northwest


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Jazz Improv has gone virtual!

Instructor: David Shere
Tuition: $229
Dates: Jan 5, 2021 to Mar 30, 2021 (no class week of February 15 – 20)
Times: Tuesdays, Wednesdays, or Thursdays @ 7:00pm

For returning students. These theory classes are devoted to the study of specifically chosen jazz tunes, focusing on: 1) Roman numeral analysis of chord progressions; 2) chord tones; 3) guide tones; 4) chord-scale pairs; and 5) building melodic etudes to improve jazz soloing skills. General topics of jazz theory are also addressed, including: scales and modes; chord construction; interpreting chord symbols; intervals; jazz composition; jazz rhythms; building a melodic vocabulary; “inside” versus “outside” playing; and using jazz theory to build & strengthen your improvisation practice regimen.

In the Jazz Improv classes, music theory is discussed from a jazz perspective, with an emphasis on understanding modes, chord progressions, and improvising melodies. Students are encouraged to study transcribed solos by acknowledged jazz masters, as well as creating their own transcriptions. Extensive class notes are provided for study and discussion.

New student enrollment is subject to instructor approval; please contact Music Center for more information.

Please note that all classes are subject to cancellation due to low enrollment.

*PLEASE NOTE: Jazz Improv I, II, & III are not separated by level, they are simply offered on 3 different evenings.