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Swing Machine Big Band – Online Ensemble

Music Center of the Northwest


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Tuition: $199
Instructor: Nathaniel Schleimer
Dates: Jan 5, 2021 to Mar 30, 2021 (no class Feb 16, 2021)
Day/Time: Tuesdays @ 8pm

Swing Machine Zoom Sessions take advantage of many online resources so that participants can actually have fun becoming better musicians together during this period of “socializing at a distance.”

Each class begins with a listening session where we audition great performances of legendary big bands in the swing and Latin styles. Then we do instrumental warmups led by the instructor that can include tone development exercises, scale and chord studies, rhythmic studies and other work outs to help on our journey becoming better big band musicians. Then we play along with some of the best musicians of our time by playing along with recordings (for example, offerings from the US Army Jazz Ambassadors). Playing in this manner allows us to really hear stylistic nuances with regards to phrasing, dynamics, timing and intonation. One of the best ways to get better is to play with the pros and that is what we can do during Swing Machine Zoom Sessions. Each session includes discussions on what to practice between meetings.

Swing Machine Zoom Sessions are very productive and will result in “hitting the ground running” when we return to in-person meetings.